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Final Eight Seedings Determined

Posted by Sandy Wong on 18 Apr 2004

The open challenge portion of the Face to Face is done and over with. The final eight seeds will face one another, in a single elimination tournament, until there is only two remaining. Those two will go one on one at the PPV on May 16th. The winner will be the NEW PCW World Champion. The seedings were determined by win-loss record of the open challenge. And here are the official seedings.

Boda [3-0]
(2 time PCW World Champion, 2 time PCW Tag Champion, PCW Continental Champion, PCW Extreme Champion, PCW2 World Champion, PCW2 Tag Champion, OSW World Champion, TFW World Champion, TPW Tag Champion, TPW Extreme Champion)

Jimmy Diablo [2-0]

Skitzo [2-0]
(Current PCW Continental Champion, PCW Exteme Champion, Longest Reigning PCw Extreme Champion at 65 days, PCW's Gatorade Spokesman)

Cal 'The Buzz' Roberts [3-1]
(PCW World Champion, #25 on PWI in 2002)

Propaganda [2-1]
(Most Underrated wrestler in OSW 2001, EW24-7's 5th Best Gimmick, THW World, THW Television, OSW International Title, OSW Tag Team Champion , OSW's Most Underrated Wrestler 2002)

Inphino Blitz [2-1]
(PCW Tag Team Championship, PCW World Champion, Quickest success rate in PCW history (From newcomer to main eventer in one month), The only PURE Legend (hall of fame), PURE Tag Team Championship, OSE Fighting Champion, Longest OSE Fighting Champion, Runner up in Golden Turnbuckle Tournament)

Brian Arson [2-2]
(XCWF Interunited Champ, NBW Intercontinental Champ)

Shaun Styles [1-1]
(Current PCW Extreme Champion, First ever PURE Trinity Tag Team Champion)

Government Trying To Stop PCW....Oh, And There Was A Turmoil Show Too

Posted by Sandy Wong on 18 Apr 2004

Yea, it was late. But ya all knew about that. But did ya know that some dimwitted Senator is going to try and stop wrestling from airing on television? Well, Turmoil may be in trouble because of some Left Wing Conservative ASSHOLE. All Face to Face challenges were answered, with the final eight named. And, Boda was obviously not in a good mood, as he took his anger out on one man, then challenged Kano for a match at the PPV. But there is more than pride on the line at the PPV. Boda could very well be the next G.M of PCW. Tune in and witness the glory.

Turmoil is Up

Posted by Sandy Wong on 5 Apr 2004

How do you ruin a man's special night? Ask Kano and company. We also had two championship matches. Do we have new champions? And don't forget, there were 4 Face to Face challenges issued, and answered. All that and more, go check the show.

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